Terasaki Budokan

Organization and community: Little Tokyo Service Center (Los Angeles, CA)

The Terasaki Budokan will be a community-driven sports and recreation center in Little Tokyo scheduled to open in 2020. Named after philanthropist Paul. I. Terasaki, the center will help preserve the cultural heritage of Little Tokyo and bridge different communities through sports and events. The mission of the Terasaki Budokan is to provide a facility for youth, families, and seniors that offers sports, martial arts, community activities, and opportunities to connect visitors to Japanese American culture and a vibrant, sustainable Little Tokyo. The Japanese word “budokan” literally translates to “martial arts hall” in English. “Budo” meaning “the way of the warrior” embodies physical discipline, harmony, respect, and virtues that the center will represent.

Little Tokyo Service Center utilized a portion of its ArtPlace grant to provide capital funding for the Terasaki Budokan and arts and intergenerational cultural activities will be a central part of its programming. It will provide a permanent home for a wide range of culturally-important sports and recreation program such as the long-standing basketball, volleyball, and martial arts leagues in the Japanese American community.